St Maur Elderflower Liqueur is handcrafted in the Heart of England from responsibly sourced ingredients, with flavours gathered in ancient family owned woodlands. St Maur is quintessentially English, and one of the world’s best, and most versatile, liqueurs.

Internationally acclaimed, St Maur has multiple awards to its credit, including: Winner of World’s Best Floral Liqueur at the World Drinks Awards 2024; The American Distilling Institute International Spirits Competition Best in Category; Las Vegas Global Spirits Awards Gold; Swiss Spirits Review Gold Medal; and Great Taste Award 2 Star rating.  At the World Liqueur Awards St Maur was described by a panel of expert judges as “an outstanding drink that is versatile and close to perfection”. 

St Maur brings you a little drop of England’s heart® for you to share with friends, enjoy with those you love to be with, make memories, and to celebrate with in moments of happiness, wherever you are in the world.

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Read comments about St Maur from the World Drinks Awards Judges 2024, and a review of St Maur from drinks experts International Drinks Specialists.


We first produced St Maur for our guests on our wedding day, to celebrate with us with a glass of something uniquely special.  We wanted a drink that would capture the spirit of that lovely day.  Drawing on old family recipes handed down to us we created St Maur, we gave it the colour of love, and we named it after our family heritage which goes back to the Middle Ages.

We made St Maur to share, to cherish the moment and make it a memory, for a halcyon summer’s day spent in the company of those we love and those we love to be with. And there is, of course, more than one meaning of ‘love’. The Spirit of St Maur celebrates them all.  St Maur invokes the essence of good friendship, happiness, and enjoyment.   So, wherever your love takes you, and whatever your love brings you, we want you to share in the Spirit of St Maur too.

William and Kelsey Seymour, Earl and Countess of Yarmouth. 


St Maur suits so many different social settings, not just wedding receptions… …events, celebrations, dinner parties, a simple kitchen supper, a night out, a night in, a drink before dinner, a drink whilst you are making dinner, or just a drink shared with a friend. A bottle of St Maur makes a handsome and well regarded gift. So, enjoy your St Maur, and to get the best from the Spirit of St Maur, make sure you don’t keep it to yourself.


St Maur is not only one of the world’s best liqueurs, it is also one of the most versatile. We make St Maur for you to savour in your favourite style and to explore with your sense of adventure. St Maur is built around balance, taste, and flavour, which means it can be enjoyed in all kinds of cocktails, in long drinks, in a simple fizz with soda or tonic, in champagne cocktails, with Prosecco and a squeeze of fresh lime juice, on the rocks, or on its own fresh from the fridge. St Maur is every bit a contemporary liqueur.

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The name St Maur brings with it a thousand years of heritage. It is the surname used by our family in medieval times. We have ancestors who rode with William the Conqueror, but by the time Jane Seymour married Henry VIII our name had changed. Then there was Francis Seymour-Conway, the 1st Marquess of Hertford, who introduced the French or red-legged partridge to England in the 18th century. We wouldn’t want to give him the bird. So we put the bird on the bottle, and called him Percy.

St Maur is made in England, to be enjoyed around the world.


We hand pick only wild blossoms for St Maur, from elders that grow in the shadow of trees which grew when our ancestors were young, and on our family farm on land which has been in our family for hundreds of years. The map co-ordinates on the St Maur logo lead to an elder grove in Ladies Wood in the Ragley Woodlands, in Warwickshire, England: historic woodland now cared for by the Earl of Yarmouth Estate, where we pick elders for St Maur. Steeped in the English countryside, steeped in flavour and steeped in history, St Maur Elderflower Liqueur really is a little drop of England’s heart®.

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